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Sunday, 25 December 2011

25122011: In My Mailbox (5)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren
First of all, Merry Christmas guys! I hope you all got lots of books for Christmas, more importantly ones that were on your wishlist ;)
Books Won:
The Monster's Corner: Stories through Inhuman Eyes: An all original anthology from some of today's hottest supernatural writers, featuring stories of monster's from the monster's point of view. In most stories we get the perspective of the hero, the ordinary, the every man, but we are all the hero of our own tale, and so it must be true for legions of monsters, from Lucifer to Mordred, from child-thieving fairies to Frankenstein's monster and the Wicked Witch of the West. From our point of view, they may very well be horrible, terrifying monstrosities, but of course they won’t see themselves in the same light, and their point of view is what concerns us in these tales. Demons and goblins, dark gods and aliens, creatures of myth and legend, lurkers in darkness and beasts in human clothing… these are the subjects of The Monster’s Corner.
Accountable to None: 
Glorious revenge, the dish known as best served cold. Audra Tanner has waited for five years to invite her unwitting guests to her feast of just desserts and now her dinner party approaches. Audra was a brilliant CPA that for years, worked the grueling hours her job demanded as she made her way from lowly grunt auditor to a minority partner at a prestigious accounting firm located in the southwest. Her dedication took a tremendous toll on her not only mentally, but physically as well, and culminated the night that she met with the sadistic managing partner, Olin Kemper, to discuss her promotion to equity partner. That night, Audra learned that to become part of the ‘elite’ at Winscott & Associates required much more than she was willing to give. Unfortunately, that knowledge came too late and partnership was granted as a reward for her silence after her violent beating and rape. Five years later, Audra is now an entirely different creature at work, a shell of her former self that wears the guise of partner during the day yet retreats at night to her hidden self as she plots her revenge on not only her rapist, but all those in power at the firm who knew what Olin had done to her, yet did nothing to stop him, as they were immersed in their own corrupt behaviors. Now head of the IT department and a self-taught hacker, Audra has spent the last five years perusing the firm’s computers, searching and digging through the mounds of encrypted words for anything that she can use to allow her the opportunity to exact revenge on all those responsible for her pain. What she finds changes the course of not only her life, but everyone else’s as well, as her research leads her to the impending demise of the firm as well as an unsolved murder of a local college girl over thirty three years ago, both which stem from the monstrous hands of Olin. In her climactic confrontation with all the partners, Audra eviscerates all their hidden deceptions as she finally obtains her long awaited revenge and rocks the firm to its core.

Christmas presents:
Soul Eater Volume 4: I'm not posting a synopsis purely because I haven't finished volumes 1-3 yet and it will be a major spoiler for me and you! *I ALREADY OWN THIS SO NOW I HAVE TWO COPIES, UH OH*
Pandora Hearts Volume 4
I'm not posting a synopsis purely because I haven't finished volumes 1-3 yet and it will be a major spoiler for me and you!
Pandora Hearts Volume 5
I'm not posting a synopsis purely because I haven't finished volumes 1-3 yet and it will be a major spoiler for me and you!
Dead Inside: Do Not Enter: 
Post Secret meets World War Z in this chilling vision of the fallout following a global zombie pandemic. A gradual mutation of a virulent strain of super flu gives rise to millions of the undead, who quickly overwhelm treatment facilities and swarm cities around the world, leaving survivors on their own against a legion of the infected. This chilling story is told through the scraps of paper, scrawled signs, and cryptic markers left by survivors as they struggle to stay alive and find those they've lost in a world overrun by zombies. Through these found notes and messages letters to loved ones, journal fragments, confessions, and warnings readers can uncover the story of what went wrong, and come to know the individual voices of those affected by the zombie crisis.
The Inbetweeners: The Rudge Park Comprehensive Yearbook: 
A celebration of the hilarious, award-winning cult Britcom about the cringe-inducing humiliatons of adolescence Fully illustrated, this spoof yearbook is a must-have for fans of the incredibly successful show about the lives of four run-of-the-mill teenagers living in the London suburbs. Completely original material by the show's writers references events in the show as well as giving character backstory and brand new stories about Will, Simon, Jay, and Neil. Readers should expect lots of rude words, lots of photos, and lots of pissing themselves laughing.
Beano Annual 2012: Pretty self explanatory

Ebooks - free:
That Voodoo You Do (That Old Black Magic #1)For ten long years Griffin Trudeau has managed to keep his paws off Jemma Finnegan, best friend and leading star of his kinkiest fantasies. As her appointed cat familiar, indulging those fantasies with the delectable witch is strictly forbidden. But when Jemma shows up at his door with seduction in mind, control goes right out the window. Too late he realizes making love to Jemma is the trigger that launches a zombie apocalypse. Jemma's been dealt a double whammy: she's just discovered she's a witch. And Griff has been hiding whiskers and a tail. Oh, and if her life wasn't crazy enough, a dead voodoo queen needs her blood to raise a legion of zombies. There's one plan that might work to increase Jemma's powers so she can put an end to the looming holocaust. A sexy threesome with Griff and Logan Scott, a werewolf familiar with a history of rubbing Griff's fur the wrong way. A cat and a wolf playing nice, much less sharing? It'll take a miracle. Warning: A witch, tiger and wolf doing naughty things. A dead voodoo queen doing evil things. And zombies doing zombie things. Get your shovels ready.
Plague Z: A group of soldiers training in the Welsh mountains are suddenly air-dropped weapons and commanded to return to base ASAP. Civilians are now considered hostile and a deadly infection is bringing the dead back to life. Sergeant Harry Crawford must get his men off the mountain and lead them into the carnage that has erupted everywhere. Plague Z has taken its first victims. The dead are rising and they are hungry for living flesh. And Harry's family is out there somewhere. Plague Z is a 10,000 word short story about the zombie apocalypse. “George A Romero had become more than just a screenwriter; he was a prophet of the end times.” - Sgt. Harry Crawford
Ebooks - bought:
Solomon's Seals (The Ghost Hunter Chronicles #1): Welcome to Los Angeles. They call it the City of Angels. They got it half right. In a town where demons masquerade as children in order to protect humanity, while angels gain power by destroying the souls of the dearly departed. Good and evil is determined by whoever has the better P.R. firm. Humans remain blissfully unaware that a struggle is taking place, unless they make the mistake of inviting one of these creatures into their homes—or they happen to be one of their offspring. Meet Alexa Dawn, the Ghost Hunter. She doesn’t try to coax, whisper, or talk to the dearly departed. She’s not there to help them crossover. She’s there for one reason, and one reason only, to make sure the dead—stay dead. Alexa Dawn has spent her entire adult life chasing the shade that killed her parents, leaving a trail of dead spirits in her wake. When her latest house cleansing goes terribly awry, she finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation. Suddenly her clients start dying at an alarming rate. It doesn't take a detective to figure out that she’s next, unless Alexa can find a way to stop the creature that wants her dead.
Wolfsbane and Mistletoe: "The editors of Many Bloody Returns deliver the perfect howl-iday gift, with new tales from Patricia Briggs, Carrie Vaughn, and many more.New York Times bestselling authors Charlaine Harris, Patricia Briggs, Keri Arthur, and Carrie Vaughn-along with eleven other masters of the genre-offer all-new stories on werewolves and the holidays, a fresh variation on the concept that worked so well with birthdays and vampires in Many Bloody Returns.The holidays can bring out the beast in anyone. They are particularly hard for lycanthropes. Charlaine Harris and Toni L. P. Kelner have harvested the scariest, funniest and saddest werewolf tales by an outstanding pack of authors, best read by the light of a full moon with a silver bullet close at hand.Whether wolfing down a holiday feast (use your imagination) or craving some hair of the dog on New Year's morning, the werewolves in these frighteningly original stories will surprise, delight, amuse, and scare the pants off readers who love a little wolfsbane with their mistletoe."

Sunday, 18 December 2011

18122011: In My Mailbox (4)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren
(Sorry that I haven't been up to date, I had a busy last week in college)

I actually won an ecopy of this book which I'm super stoked about, I've read 3% of it as a teaser on my iPhone so I will force myself to read my other books quicker. I was hooked straight away!

This Brilliant Darkness by Red Tash: When an ancient, deeply troubled entity identifies quirky Christine Grace as his latest threat, all hell breaks loose in the urban forest of Indiana University's Dunn Woods. Will Christine piece together his destructive plan in time to save herself? And what exactly is going on with this peculiar star, Stella Mirabilis? This fast-paced story moves quickly from character to character, introducing us to the headspace of not just Christine and the monster Greachin, but also to Tom, her devoted boyfriend, and Richard, an aging physicist interested in the time-traveling star overhead. Along the way, singing street people, cosplaying environmental activists, and heaven-sent beings come to populate the unique cityscape of Bloomington, IN, where encountering the bizarre is an everyday experience.

The second book, Dead of a Murderer, is what I'm reading this month for my college book club, I probably wont start it until after Christmas.

Death of a Murdered by Rupert Thomson: The story of a woman who, even after her death, inflames an entire nation, and of the man who comes under her spell. Having spent decades in prison for crimes gruesomely familiar to everyone in England, this murderer has finally died of natural causes but is no less notorious in death than she was in life. Billy Tyler, a career policeman, has been assigned the task of guarding her body—to make sure, he’s told, that nothing happens. But alone on a graveyard shift his wife begged him not to accept, Billy has occasion to contemplate the various turns his life has taken, his complicated thoughts about violence in himself and society, the unease that distances him from marital disappointment and a damaged daughter, and, finally, why it is that this reviled murderer, in the eerie silence of the hospital morgue, seems to speak to him directly and know him more fully than anyone else. In this dark night of the soul, his own problems and anxieties gradually acquire a new and unexpected significance, giving rise to questions that should haunt us all: Whom do we love, and why? How do we protect our children? And what separates us from those we call monsters? A gripping revelation of crime, of punishment—and of what we desperately seek to hide from ourselves.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

17122011: The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart

Title: The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart
Author: Mathias Malzieu
Page Count: 176 

Summary: Edinburgh, 1874: Little Jack is born with a frozen heart and immediately undergoes a life-saving operation — the implantation of a cuckoo-clock in his chest. From then on his days all begin with a wind-up, in this dark, tender fairy tale spiced with devilish humour.
My Review: Initially I had mixed reviews on how I felt this book was, but at my book club discussion I found out that it is actually a prequel for a different book that Mathias Malziue has written and with knowing that it has helped me realised exactly what I felt was wrong with the book. Basically I can't help but comment on how this book was a lovely read and completely well written, almost poetical in some places (but what do you expect when the author is in a band) and the story was also very interesting! The fault comes right at the end (why have I read so many books with weak endings?) I felt that the book did round off well without leaving too many questions but it just ended so abruptly that you're left for wanting more and pretty confused as to why the ending was so drab, but as I have mentioned that it's a prequel so really it does makes sense. I guess he must have written this to add more of a background to the other book so in that case it does exactly what it was supposed too, unfortunately the other book hasn't been translated so I can't read it, yet. This book is very good and as soon as I know the other book is available I will be reading it, mostly in hope that it will improve my opinion on this dull ending. Okay, I really need to stop focusing on that because holy poo the rest of the book WAS good, I promise. The whole idea, concept and storyline was so well written and strung together.
Recommend: Yes.
Rating: 3/5 - may become a 3 after reading the other book.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

10122011: On My Wishlist (4)

On My Wishlist is a weekly meme hosted by Book Chick City

This week I have selected the first three books that I ever added to my "wishlist" on GoodReads. This didn't include one of the books which I have already mentioned here. I hope I introduce you to something new.

The Upset: Young Contemporary Art: A new breed of contemporary artists is celebrating newfound international recognition for their style and approach to creating art that is sprouting from and largely influenced by visual subcultures. These young artists, who are associated with the widespread movements of Lowbrow Art and Neo-Surrealism, share similarities with the popular art movements of the 1960s and 70s as well as urban art. The term Lowbrow may sound self-deprecating; rather it represents a distinctive artistic composition and technical approach in which art is produced. The Upset documents this movement and the artists associated with it. Feeding off an array of popular subcultures, they often draw influences from anime, comic books, graffiti and street art as well as character design. The often figurative and narrative artworks featured here employ classical techniques with great skills to create sculpture, illustration, design and painting with the use of spray cans, sharpies and elaborate colour palettes on canvas. With the evolution of new media, artists are also blending these elements with various disciplines in contemporary visual art. Many of the artists in The Upset enjoy international fame and are represented in prestigious galleries and museums worldwide. The book also introduces a selection of promising talent who are breaking new ground, making it the perfect source book for those interested in fine art and discovering young artists.

Cathy's Book: If Found Call (650)266-8233: This stunning debut combines reading with the world of internet gaming to create a masterful new genre that will allow teens to take the story from the page into the world of cyberspace and beyond. Things weren't so peachy in Cathy's life before Victor broke up with her. Her father died unexpectedly, she's failing school, and her best friend is mad at her. But when Cathy decides to investigate Victor's reasons for ending their relationship, things suddenly go from bad to very, very, very bad as her findings produce more questions than answers. For instance, what does the death of Victor's co-worker, the strange mark that appeared on Cathy's arm, and the surreal behavior of several Chinese elders have to do with it? Through Cathy's unique and irresistible voice—and lots of proof in the form of letters, photographs, date book entries, telephone numbers readers can call, websites they can access, as well as secrets only a careful reader will be able to decipher—readers will enter a strange and fascinating world where things often aren't how they appear. Two-color illustrations plus supplemental material. Ages: 12 and up.

Opening with the exotic Lady Death entering the gumshoe-writer's seedy office in pursuit of a writer named Celine, this novel demonstrates Bukowski's own brand of humour and realism, opening up a landscape of seamy Los Angeles.